Color Me Totem

This weekend I spend most of my time working on this little drawing here. It took me quite long to finish because I was also filming the process, by myself. Drawing and moving around my tripod with camera at the same doesn't make for a very speedy process. Right I'm still working on editing the movie, but rendering is really slow so I'm not sure when I'll have it ready. 

Any way, I made this for the Inky Goodness project that's running right now. I think the deadline is this Friday, so if you want to enter as well, there still is some time. And you should because this was a hell of a lot of fun to draw. Let me describe to you how much fun:

Instead of taking the weekend off to play outside in the sun with my friends, I spend and extra two days drawing and working on this. Even though I had a shit load of drawing work to finish during the week and same goes for this week. 

But don't worry, I promise I'll spend next weekend outside in the sun. My friends were literally waving at me outside my window begging me to come outside, heheh. (Yes, you know who you are!)

more pictures of the drawing process

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